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WHILE berthed in The Firth of Forth, the luxury cruise ship Atlantic Ocean is attacked by terrorists, throwing the city and authorities into turmoil. A Cabinet meeting of COBRA is urgently convened and the British Government dispatches Cpt. Gordon Graynor from MI5 and two of his agents to Edinburgh to take control and investigate the crime.
Investigative Journalist Harry Cram and his partner Skye Livingstone return home from Australia as they learn that two of their friends were onboard the ship, presumed dead. After many fatalities on the cruise ship, the relatives seek answers to the lack of security on the cruise liner and engage Harry Cram to gather information allowing them to lodge a class action against the Company operating the cruise line.
In the middle of the investigation, a never to be released psychopath imprisoned in the State Mental Hospital contacts the police claiming that he has valuable information into the terror attack. Can they afford to ignore his claims that another attack is imminent?

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WHEN Harry Cram, an investigative journalist, returns from Australia to settle back into Portobello, he has no idea that he will become involved in one of Scotland’s most notorious revenge killings. After a visit to the prison to see a friend, he bumps into an old girlfriend from back in school. They begin an affair that must be hidden from her husband Alf “Billy Bunter” Hunter, one of Edinburgh’s most sadistic and malevolent criminals, who is currently serving a long prison sentence and still running his drug dealing empire from within the prison walls.
On Friday, the thirteenth of November, Harry’s life is turned upside down when he finds his lover and her two daughters murdered in Sixty-Six Windsor Place. Now, he has to deal with not only the police but her criminal husband.

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