About The Author

Russell Robertson

IMG_1723.JPG.200x200_q80_crop.jpgBorn in Scotland, Russell was among many things, a professional soccer player, an Insurance salesman and crane driver before leaving for Australia (the lucky country).

Business life in Australia has varied from roles as Marketing Manager, Senior Management Roles, Real Estate Principal to Company Director.

As a successful business man and director of a translation business he recently stepped down to concentrate on his next exciting venture, writing crime novels.

A day without working on his novels is very rare for Russell who finds his greatest joy in creating characters and unfolding stories. He needs to fulfill his ambitions. Dreaming of being an author as early as his formative years in school, his fate took him via a long and interesting road to the present where he can now commit all his energies to writing fiction crime.
Russell emigrated to Australia over 40 years ago and has called Brisbane home since that time. Brisbane is the best place in the World to live. It is booming, there is this energy and dynamics that can be felt in the arts and culture.
The move has seen him kick many personal goals
Finding a character and a suitable name was at the top of Russell's priorities some two years ago when he finally made the decision and commitment to start his first crime novel. Within a few weeks he had decided on the character, his location and a planned series of books involving the character.
Harry Cram, Investigative Journalist was born.
His love of Edinburgh made the decision easy as to where his character would be based. His first 20 years in life living there and many visits to the old country has amassed oodles of local information for his character and stories.
He is also assisted and advised by a very experienced and retired Scottish detective in the more technical aspects of policing in and around Edinburgh.
Authenticity is important to Russell in his novels and you will find that almost all the locations and businesses premises are actual places that can be visited.