Everlasting Guilt

   Launch date 26 March 2018

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Sample extracts from the book
Chapter 2
Beautiful one day, perfect the next.  That's how Surfers Paradise on Queensland's world famous Gold Coast is described in the enticing winter holiday brochures.

Lounging in the shade on his Gold Coast balcony in the late afternoon with an ice cold beer and a light salty sea breeze drifting in from the Pacific Ocean, Harry Cram's only company was the sound of the cicadas, the tragic surfers shuffling their way back up from the beach and the soothing sound of Fleetwood Mac's Albatross emanating from the Wi-Fi speaker box. He finished his fourth beer of the day and cruised down to the mailbox to pick up the recently delivered mail.

These days his correspondence  was normally made up of bills and more bills. As he settled back into his chair on the balcony he opened the envelope addressed to Mr Harry Cram from Slater Walters and Kelly Solicitors. He thought it would be the normal flyer promoting their conveyancing services until he started to read the contents of a formal letter.

Chapter 16
“You and your brother still on the drugs Craig? Still begging the dealers? Still hiding up dark alleys and stealing from your family and friends to fund your obsession?”

“Look, everyone has their own opinions on drug and alcohol addiction. But until you've been there, your opinion remains insignificant. Yes, we chose to abuse a drug or alcohol thinking that you will be able to control it.

“You don't control drugs or alcohol, they control you. There are some lucky ones who have beat it, but don't think because they're still alive that their lives are all gravy. They fight every day, all day to stay clean or sober. It's a constant battle from the time they open their eyes until they close them and it never goes away. Most are good people who made a bad choice.