Harry Cram

Harry Cram was born in Portobello in the seventies and lived in Windsor Place during his younger years with his two sisters and his Mother and Father. After leaving school he became a professional footballer. When his playing career finished he took up a position as a junior reporter with the Scotsman newspaper where he remained for seven years.

In the late nineties he emigrated to Australia where he worked as Investigative Journalist for the local newspapers before setting up his own business. During this period he had a brief stint living in China where he set up a translation business along with his daughter from his first marriage.

He then returned to Australia for another three years until he decided to return to Scotland in 2012, where he has continued his career as a successful freelance Investigative Journaist.

For those who love facts




Name: Harry Cram
Born: 2 November 
Place: Edinburgh
Marital Status: Twice divorced  
Hair: Blonde and wavy
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Tanned
Statistics: 6’ 3” - 220lb
Demeanour: Cool and sophisticated
Nickname: Metro


Eighties music, Cycling, Travel,
Golf, Football, Swimming, Clothes.





Favourite movie:
The 39 Steps

Favourite book:
The Bible

Favourite group:
The Rolling Stones

Person most like to meet:
Mick Jagger

Person admire most:
Sherlock Holmes

Favourite Food:

Favourite Song:
500 Miles



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Life long friend and associate

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